Another Castle Arcade Edition Boudoir Calendar 2021


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Well, there was nothing else to do, so we make a Boudoir Calendar. Who the heck do we know that could be in a boudoir calendar you might ask? Well the sexiest of the Castle family of course!

Many thanks to
Ms. February: Ariel
Mr. March: Josue
Ms. April: Loni
Mr. May: Jeff
Ms. June: Amberle
Mr. July: Ants
Mr. August: Eezy
The September Rockers: Jeff/Steven/Ants/Lina/Josue
Mr. October: Steven
Mr. November: Jamin
Ms. Decmeber: Lina
The Lovely Men of future January: Ants/BBJ
Don’t Even Know What’s Going on in future February: Ants/Lina/Jeff/Josue/Steven

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